List, sell and send in your pyjamas

We're proud to launch our new courier booking service that allows every Trade Me member to book a courier for items you've sold and have it picked up from home.

No more lining up or guessing the shipping costs while you list an item. Now you can use the 'shipping calculator' while you list to get accurate costs.

Also there's no need for flash packaging - use whatever you have and write the reference number on it. Pop it out the door and you're all done! You don't even need to print a label.

Our sellers have told us for a long time that sending their sold items and getting shipping costs is a pain point for them - we're pleased to release something that we think will help them out heaps.

For more info see our Book a Courier page or take a look at our media release below.

Trade Me launches book a courier service

Trade Me has launched a new service today that makes it fast, easy and cheap for sellers to book a courier and send items to buyers around New Zealand.

Trade Me’s head of marketplace Stuart McLean said it was good news for Trade Me members. “Our members have told us that sending their sold items and calculating shipping costs is their number one issue and we’re pleased this product will help them.

“Last year Trade Me sellers sent about 8 million items to buyers around the country and we know there is a lot of hassle involved in the shipping process, so we set out to make it easier.

“We think the ability to book a courier without leaving the Trade Me ecosystem will make life easier for sellers, help them sell more, and provide all members with much more certainty around shipping costs. We know sellers will be happy to have the option of doing all this from home.”

Mr McLean said great pricing was also crucial. “The prices we’ve negotiated are extremely competitive. These courier rates will allow our casual sellers to offer compelling shipping prices to their buyers on Trade Me, and levels the playing field.”

Prices start from $3.34 to courier a small package from Auckland to Invercargill.

Mr McLean said there was “no mucking around” with packaging either. “You can wrap your goods in almost anything including newspaper, old plastic bags or cereal boxes. As long as it’s secure all you need to do is write the reference number on it, the courier will collect it and deliver it to the buyer. You don’t even need to print a label.”

How it works

The option to book a courier is available to all sellers on Trade Me. They will see a courier costs calculator embedded in the sell process across Trade Me’s desktop site. Prices will vary based on the dimensions and weight of the item, and sellers select the best options to appear on their listing.

“Sellers will be able to pick courier quotes from two reputable companies with great coverage across New Zealand: CourierPost or Fastway,” Mr McLean said.

When an item with the courier option sells, the seller books a courier through Trade Me, packages the item up and chooses the pick-up location. “This could be anywhere from your Mum’s house, your workplace, your bach or your own doorstep. You don’t need to be there either – just book a courier, pop the sold item outside the door and you’re done.”

The seller and the buyer are both sent tracking information so they can follow the item’s progress.