Life lives here: Fighting bowel cancer

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world. Over 3,000 are diagnosed every year and approximately 1,200 lose their lives annually. So when we heard about Bowel Cancer New Zealand’s (BCNZ) ‘Live Without’ campaign, we wanted to help.

The ‘Live Without’ campaign aims to raise awareness and fund more early symptom education to increase our survival rates. If caught early, 75% of cases can be cured.

BCNZ are encouraging people to find one thing they can live without, sell it on Trade Me and help reduce New Zealand’s highest cancer statistic. From incredible works by artists Shane Hansen and Flox, to a great little fridge from Shortland Street’s Sam Bunkall, all kinds of people are getting behind the cause.

How are Trade Me involved?

We love a good cause and support a bunch of charities and good causes. For this campaign, sellers can claim back their success fees and we’re helping the good people at BCNZ spread word about their cause. We’ve also put the call out to our staff to list items; thus far we’ve rustled up some unworn Mi Piaci heels, a gorgeous Augustine top, a lovely Elk top, a slightly creepy Goose Lamp, a signed cricket box, a Speed Stacks game, a model car and some vintage threads.

How can you get involved?

Simply find one (or more!) thing you can live without and create a #BEATBOWELCANCER auction this month. Follow the standard Trade Me auction steps and add in these three small changes: 

  • Make the auction officially part of the project by adding the hashtag #BEATBOWELCANCER to the end of your auction title, e.g. ‘Wedding Shoes #BEATBOWELCANCER

  • Let everyone know you’re part of the project in your listing description e.g. “This is the one thing I can live without to help New Zealand get rid its highest cancer statistic. All proceeds will go directly to Bowel Cancer New Zealand.”

  • Direct the proceeds from the item to BCNZ here: 38 9010 0509792 00 - Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa Inc. Either request proof from the winner that the money has been deposited in the form of a screenshot or electronic confirmation, or get paid and arrange the transfer to BCNZ yourself.

Pick ups are recommended, unless you are feeling generous and are happy to arrange and pay for postage. Too kind. Be sure to use Trade Me shipping for the best rates (from $2.42 nationwide!).

Who is Bowel Cancer NZ?

Bowel Cancer New Zealand is a nationwide, patient-led organisation committed to reducing the impact of bowel cancer on our community through awareness, education, support and research.

You can donate to BCNZ by visiting

Find out more about the Live Without campaign at