Maccas nostalgia

Few Kiwi kids of the 80s and 90s won't have memories, both good and bad, of the McDonalds playground.

What better way was there to burn off your happy meal than a spin on the hamburger merry go round, hiding in the Mayor McCheese jail or swinging on the Hamburglar swings?

One seller sparked a wave of nostalgia this week when they listed three retro Maccas playground items

It sent members into a McFlurry of excitement sparking 115,000 views, nearly 60 questions and a whopping $11,500 sale price.

Not only that the winner of the auction already had two of the items - they just desperately wanted the merry go round to complete the set.

If you know where we can source a Grimace jail we're all ears by the way.

Check out some of the media below: