Make a Meal in May 2017

The good folk at Kaibosh Food Rescue have set Kiwis a challenge this month called 'Make a Meal in May' - instead of going out for dinner make a meal yourself and donate the difference to Kaibosh.

Kaibosh is a Wellington food rescue organisation who are all about rescuing good quality food, that would otherwise end up being thrown away, and redistributing it to people in the community who need it.

They can do a lot with a little. For every $20 you raise with Make a Meal in May, Kaibosh can provide 20 meals to those in our community who need it most.

Kaibosh 2

So; make a meal at home or work, donate what you would have spent on a meal out and put food on the table for people in need. You can make whatever type of meal you like – brunch, lunch, dinner, or morning or afternoon tea.

We've taken up the challenge and hosted one of our all-office meals as our Make a Meal in May and some of our teams have also given it a go.

So now we're laying down the challenge, folks - support an awesome charity and make some great food with your mates.