May the 4th

May the 4th be with you! Today is a celebration of all things Star Wars. 

The force is strong with Trade Me members - Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise is always really popular on Trade Me with around 17,000 searches each week.

Trade Me is celebrating May the 4th with a couple of little things. We're giving away a cool Star Wars prize on Facebook and you'll really like it when you type 'use the force kev' into the Trade Me search bar (desktop only at this stage). 

We've also compiled a few interesting Star Wars facts from the Trade Me Universe:

  1. The most expensive Star Wars auction on Trade Me was a signed picture of Darth Vader and Bobba Fett that went for over $7000

    Signed Star Wars1
  2. Other than the signed pic almost all of the top 10 is dominated by Star Wars pinball machines which have sold for between $3000-5000. The Top 10 is rounded out by a 2 metre tall handmade C3PO

  3. Over the last 5 years more than 40,000 Star Wars Lego and Action figures have sold on Trade Me

  4. The most popular Star Wars items we see are Star Wars lego sets. The most expensive Star Wars lego set of all time was a Millenium Falcon which went for $2600. 

    Millenium Falcon LEgo
  5. Some of the rarest Star Wars figurines in the world have sold on Trade Me including Yak Face and Snaggletooth

Yak Face2


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