Meet Michelle, our unofficial ‘LEGO Lady’

With school holidays in full force, we caught up with Trade Me seller and unofficial 'LEGO Lady' Michelle Smith about how she got into trading one of the world's most popular toys.


Really?! More like why NOT Lego? Lego is the best, most amazing and creative toy you could possibly buy. And I’m not even slightly biased.

Have you always been a LEGO fan?

Yes – ever since my parents bought me these awesome LEGO homemaker sets in the 1970s, it was the one toy I would play with for hours and hours and never get bored of. So I decided that when I was older I would have all I wanted and needed… never imagining that I would end up with an entire warehouse full of it!

How did it all begin?

I was selling some of my kids’ surplus toys on Trade Me and discovered that some LEGO that I listed turned out to be extremely desirable. Then I realised that there was a real demand for LEGO minifigures, spare parts and top-quality, preloved LEGO sets… and so I set about filling that niche.

How has making this your full-time gig affected your overall lifestyle?

Being self employed is absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I have the freedom to be able to work my own hours, whilst still having time for my kids, my charity work, and even time for myself occasionally. As long as I have internet access and someone trained to pack and post my parcels each day, I am able to run my business from anywhere in the world!

What's your favourite piece of LEGO?

That’s such a hard question, because there are so many awesome pieces. I would have to say that I actually have a favourite theme rather than piece – my favourite theme without a doubt are minifigures. There are literally thousands of different characters now, from super heroes (my absolute favourite) through to Disney characters, Star Wars, Scooby-Doo, Indiana Jones, and much more. There’s a figure to suit everybody – whether you’re a child wanting to add new and exciting characters to your LEGO collection, or an adult wanting a character for on top of your desk at work.

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