Meet the Nut Brothers

Nut Brothers is now a well known Kiwi peanut and almond butter brand, but it came from humble beginnings.

Where it all started…

In 2014, Jono came across a peanut butter making machine on Trade Me. Even though he had wanted a machine, he was really surprised to actually find one. At roughly $200, it was a bargain and the start of something big.

Experimenting with nuts

Jono got experimenting and soon found a winning formula for crunchy and smooth varieties. He then discovered what is now their Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate variety by mixing some dark chocolate chips in with the plain peanut butter.

The Nut Brothers still love experimenting with new ingredients, and they often pull out the old machine to give new things a go.

The start of a business

Jono realised early on that if he was going to try and turn his peanut butter into a business, he’d need some of his oldest friends to join him on the journey.

Mates of more than 30 years, Justin and Jonathan joined Jono and they soon realised they had something they could take to market. That was early 2015 and they’ve been going nuts ever since. “If we hadn’t found the machine on Trade Me, there’s no way we ever would have started Nut Brothers.”

What’s so cool about Nut Brothers?

Jono, Justin and Jonathan wanted to set themselves apart by offering a totally natural nut butter product – free from emulsifiers, preservatives and additives. They wanted everything to be done locally and to ensure a real fresh flavour, they roast and mill their nuts on the same day.

As well as the classic flavours, they also have almond butter, sunflower & chia, almond & sticky dates, peanut butter & dark chocolate, and peanut butter & chipotle.

Keen to taste their nut butter?

We’ve got two prizes of peanut and almond butters to give away. Just tell us how you like to eat your nut butter, and we’ll pick our favourites to win six jars each.

Entries close at 9:00 am, Friday 19 April 2019. The winners will be drawn and notified on 19 April too.

How do you like your peanut butter?