Monster monstera sells for almost $5,000

A rare houseplant standing over one-meter-tall sold earlier this week for the record price of $4,930.

An Auckland botanist walked away as a winner after a very heated bidding war broke out for a variegated monstera deliciosa


The huge "Lord of the Rings length description" described the house plant as "a great investment" and said "no need to ask for pics of the motherplant, this IS the mother plant!"

The price of this rare beauty climbed from $1,100 to $4,930 in the last two hours of the auction as two passionate plant-loving members went head-to-head in a heated bidding war. 

These swiss cheese plants have been growing in popularity on Trade Me recently, and in the last seven days we've seen a whopping 22,000 searches for monstera. 

If you missed out on this auction but are interested in one of these houseplants, there's currently 230 listings for monstera plants onsite including this variegated monstera.


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