Most popular Motors of 2016

We’re always amazed at the wonders Kiwis have hiding in their garages (and hangars) that they share with the Trade Me community.

Just when we think we’ve seen every cool vehicle that is hiding in New Zealand another amazing find pops up.

In 2016 it was the lure of a bargain, oddities and good causes appealed to Trade Me Motors members.

A particular favourite of ours this year was a 1958 Studebaker with just 74 miles on the clock. Apparently a groom imported this before his wedding for his bride to be but the wedding didn’t happen. The jilted groom never drove the car and it clocked up just 119km.


The number one vehicle though was the opportunity to grab a bargain Lamborghini – provided you knew a bit about restoration.

The Huracan had been written off and was in a bit of a state but it was listed for $1 so of course our members were keen to try and get a bargain and then speak with their panel beater. The Lambo wracked up over 208,000 views going far and wide and eventually sold for $165,800.


Another stunner was a 1963 Humber in amazing nick that was donated to the Whanganui Cancer Society to raise money in their annual appeal.

An anonymous friend of the charity had spent years restoring this little beauty and just dropped it off one day much to the amazement of the Cancer Society. Our members loved the auction and it got a great result for charity.

Charity Humber1

The list also contained an amazing miniature car raising money for the seller’s neice who needed life changing surgery in the USA, a Soviet era jet and a small house.


Soviet Jet

We know that most people don’t have something as incredible as these vehicles to list so we found a couple of examples of members who have made the ordinary extraordinary with a bit of creativity.

If you want to make a splash and raise the profile of your vehicle we recommend you take a leaf out of the book of the below sellers. They’ve spent a lot of time on their description, they have a great sense of humour in the Q&A and they took some great photos.


Taking the time to sell your vehicle as creatively as you can really helps them sell:

The top 10 most viewed motors listins on Trade Me this year:

Title Region
Lamorghini Huracan for $1 Auckland
2016 Ford Mustang Auckland
1963 Humber 90 Whanganui
Studebaker Champion (with 74 miles on the clock) Canterbury
Military Jet Canterbury
Classic Gaff Cutter - the Laura Bruce Northland
Ford F150 Lariat Wellington
Rydon - miniature vintage car Taranaki
Tiny house Waikato
Hino Rainbow bus Wellington