Most popular Motors listings of 2018

We’re always amazed at the wonders Kiwis have hiding in their garages and last year did not disappoint. New Zealanders love to dream and it was the rare vehicles, big ticket items and old classics that appealed to Trade Me Motors members in 2018.

A rare Mazda RX-7 INFINI, Lamborghini Aventador and hydro van were among the top 10 most viewed Trade Me Motors listings of 2018.

The most viewed vehicle was a rare turbocharged Mazda RX-7. With only 600 like it in the world, Trade Me members were keen to get a glimpse of this unique ride. The car had alsmot 80,000 views and sold for $30,995.

#1 - Mazda RX7 INFINI 1993

We’re a nation that loves to dream and the second most viewed vehicle was a Lamborghini Aventador LP 720 Anniversary 2014 that popped up onsite in March for a cool $710,000. This Lambo was one of just 100 ever built and the listing fetched almost 72,000 views from dreamy-eyed Kiwis.  

#2 Lamborghini Aventador LP 720 Anniversary

A particular favourite of ours last year was the opportunity to grab a hydro-van A.K.A. ‘trout slayer’ or ‘bach on water’ which had over 60,000 views. The vessel came complete with a fireplace, BBQ, chilly bin and was listed for just $1 before it sold for $23,055.  

#6 - Hydro Van

Coming in at number four was a 1955 Aston Martin that was said to be the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s James Bond character. With an asking price of $400,000 this piece of history even came with a handwritten letter from the former owner who was friends with Fleming. The Aston Martin has just over 62,000 views. 

#4 - Aston Martin 1955

Another stunner was a classic 1958 BMW Isetta 300 microcar. The vintage bubble car opens up from the front and fetched 64,000 hits before it sold for $28,510.


The list also contained a red 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider, a 2018 Tesla Model X 75D and a Ford Falcon.

#10 - Tesla Model X 75D 2018