Ride on Chilly Bin

Don't we live in a marvellous age? You can motorise just about anything you want these days - including Chilly Bins.

This bad boy was referred to as the "Limo Chilli" - you can turn up to a party or function in style with enough room to bring three more mates on the back.

Not only is it motorised but this 100 litre chilly bin has:

  • A drink holder
  • Air horn
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Fusion stereo with Bluetooth
  • Four speakers, amp and sub
  • 49cc petrol motor 
  • Detachable trailer
  • Disc brakes (which don't work but the seller said who uses them anyway?)

Needless to say the Trade Me faithful were into this - it got over 12,000 views and sold for $1930.

Never settle for carrying a chilly bin ever again.