Mullet Amnesty Day

It's fair to say we love a nod to the lighter side of life - particularly a good April Fools' gag so we were stoked to help the good folk out at Holden when they wanted to try a little something out.

They'd dreamt up 'Mullet Amnesty Day' - bring your mullet to their dealership in Auckland at 10am 1 April and you could swap it for a brand new Holden Astra.

They put the ad up onsite and waited to see if people were keen or just thought it was some April Fools' tomfoolery. 

The humble mullet (or mu-lay) has received some pretty average press over the years but many a Holden fan owns a fairly decent 'business on the top party at the back' hairstyle.

It turns out just one person, of the thousands who viewed the listing, was up for venturing out on their Saturday morning to try it out.

Daniel McNicholl, a westie with a good head of hair saw the ad and thought he'd see what it was all about and it's just as well he did. He was met by Greg Murphy and a stylist from Rodney Wayne who chopped off his mullet and handed him the keys to his new Astra. 

Daniel and his partner had lost their other uninsured car to some thieves so it was a pretty timely swap for them and their family. Daniel's partner was glad he hadn't listened to her she'd asked him to get his mullet chopped off months ago.