Must love cats - Life lives here

Editor's note: the job listing for the cat cafe manager has expired and Rovina reckons they may have found the right person.

Playing with cats all day: it's not often you'll find a perk like this when hunting for a job.

The Fancy Meow Cat Cafe in Rotorua combines cat cuddles with coffee, tea, and lots of happy customers - and they're in need of a general manager to help run the show.

The idea was borne out of a visit from Rovina, the cafe's owner, to similar establishments in Auckland and Thailand which left her unimpressed. "The cats weren't as friendly as I was hoping, and I actually felt a bit disappointed - it wasn't the experience that I was expecting," she said.

She returned home and decided to open her own cat cafe, pulling together her feline friends (purebreds and adopted cats and kittens), her big business idea and the support of her family and friends. 

The Fancy Meow Cat Cafe has two rooms with a totally separate kitchen, with coffees and biscuits delivered to customers through a sliding window in the wall.

Entry to the cafe costs $15 for an hour, and includes a tea or a coffee and as many cat cuddles as you can handle. 

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