National Party List Position

We just love it when our members get creative. It makes us want to stick the listing to the fridge and brag about it to anyone who will listen – and an auction created last week was no exception.

You might have seen in the media that in a dramatic turn of events last week, National MP Jami-Lee Ross leaked a phone recording between himself and National Leader Simon Bridges, where they discussed a $100k donation.

Following this, one of our opportunistic members created an auction offering to sell the selection of the next National MP position. The listing description stated that "for a small 'donation,' you can choose a new member of the National party. All proceeds will go to Simon Bridges who will quietly distribute the money as he sees fit".


Unfortunately, while we tipped out hats at the creative flair behind the idea, there technically wasn’t anything for sale and we had to remove the auction from the site. A shame, we know, but rules are rules.

Besides, we know it won’t be long before we have another excellent auction to pin to the fridge – will it be yours?