Need a Soviet jet?

An awesome Soviet era jet that's been on Trade Me for a while made headlines this week. And why not? It's a jet!

The L-29 Delfin is a Czech built former military aircraft, and a Trade Me seller in Timaru has two so he's looking to rehome one of them for $179,000 or near offer.

It's not just the price tag that's hefty - running the jet for an hour costs about $2000 in aviation gas. But seller, Rob, says the thrill can't be matched. 

That's easy to believe when the jet has a top speed of 800km/h and a maximum pull of 8 Gs

Rob doesn't have a pilot's licence and says you don't need one to own a jet - just put a call out to pilots in the area that you need them to fly a jet and he reckons they'll be queuing up around the block.

To see the L29 in action check out the media pieces below: