What do you do if your stuff doesn't arrive from your Trade Me seller? First off, we can help but there's a bit of a process you need to go through. 

We've got a help page to run you through the process where there's been a non-delivery.

Recently we had a chat to a girl called Paige whose Littlest Petshop stuff didn't show up. Unfortunately Paige and her mum didn't fill out the paperwork so it took a little longer than usual to help them out.

We showed Paige through Trade Me along with the crew from Fair Go recently to explain how these things work. 

We managed to get in touch with the seller in this case. As happens in the majority of these cases there were some crossed wires and we just needed to sort it out with them.

So if in the unlikely scenario that your Trade Me purchase doesn't show up follow the steps and don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll do whatever we can to help.