Not all he quacked up to be

One of our Wellington members thought she had landed the perfect catch after meeting her dream guy online, but sadly her knight in shining armour was not all he quacked up to be.

During the brief month-long relationship, she ordered 40 rubber ducks as a joke with her then boyfriend after watching a skit by British comedian James Veitch. However a week before her new bright yellow friends arrived, the relationship imploded after she worked out her ‘dream guy’  had taken cash from her home and her bank account.

Now all she has to show for the relationship is a raft of rubber ducks and a bank account less $2,000. So to make the best of a bad situation, she has listed the ducks for auction to help recoup some of her losses while raising awareness of online dating.

The listing quickly had 10,000 views and 26 comments with members from around the country showing their support. The auction closes on Tuesday and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Women's Refuge.

We wish her and her 40 ducks all the best!


Stuff - Duped Wellington woman uses rubber ducks to highlight online dating dangers