Old Friends is closing

As you may have heard, we’re closing down our website, Old Friends, early next year.

We’re always working hard to improve the experience for our members and we’ve struggled to give Old Friends sufficient oxygen recently, given the bigger opportunities in the core areas of our business. Because of this, we think the time is right to pull down the shutters. We understand this might not be the best news for our members who use Old Friends regularly and it wasn't a decision we took lightly.

In mid-January, the Old Friends site will be closed down and no longer accessible.

If you have any information on Old Friends that you'd like to keep (e.g. messages or photos), please make sure to save this as soon as possible. To save a photo, right click on it and select 'Save image as'. If you've forgotten your password, head over to the Old Friends help page to reset it.

Under the Privacy Act, we’re unable to keep or use Old Friends members’ personal information after we stop providing Old Friends services. Once we shut up shop, this data will be deleted.

When members signed up to Old Friends, they gave us permission to use this data for the purpose of providing Old Friends services. As Old Friends is closing and we’ll no longer be providing these services, Trade Me is not able to retain the data, as we don’t have consent to use it for any other purpose.

The good news is that we’ve been in touch with the National Library who run a ‘web harvest’ initiative and they’re now working to archive the publicly available information on Old Friends. This information will remain available even after Old Friends closes early next year which is awesome.