Olympic quads for sale

The America's Cup captivated a massive number of New Zealanders, Team New Zealand's victory was amazing.

One aspect of the winning boat caught the eye of Olympian Richie Patterson. Richie is a weightlifter and with that comes some seriously powerful legs.

One highly innovative element of the boat was the 'cyclors', which Team New Zealand put in place instead of traditional grinders. Not only that the 'cyclors' were powered by, amongst others, former Olympians Simon van Velthooven (cycling) and Joe Sullivan (Rowing).

Richie saw some of former team mates getting opportunities in the America's Cup and decided to offer his legs for sale to Team New Zealand.

A great idea but unfortunately he didn't get the bids he was hoping for from the sailing community - Richie's wife won his legs for $11.

Still point made and hopefully he's caught their attention for the defence of the cup!