One ring out one ute in

Kelvin was a man with a plan. He bought a beautiful ring for the lady in his life hoping to make her his wife.

Unfortunately the woman in his life disagreed with the plan and decided to end things.

You can't keep a good bloke down though - Kelvin just changed that plan. He wanted a ute so he could cool stuff like "like hunting and burnouts".

That's where Trade Me comes in. Kelvin decided to sell his ring on the site and it touched a nerve with our members.

Kelvin's auction racked up over 54,000 views, over 70 questions and made $2820. Our members empathised with a guy who was a little down on his luck and needed the pick me up of a new ute.

Not to mention he has a mean turn of phrase which included:

  • "...purchase this here ring at a price that was steeper than the side of a chicken's face.
  • "I've been working flat out like a lizard drinking to sell this so I can buy a ute and do cool stuff in it like hunting and burnouts."
  • "I know I can trust the ute to love me unconditionally..."
  • "So let's kick it in the guts and get this auction tearing up!!"

Needless to say Kelvin was popular with our friends in the media too: