Optimistic Kiwis are getting ready for the sun

Spring has only just arrived but optimistic Kiwis are already saying goodbye to their long johns and hello to their jandals. 

We've seen a huge spike in the number of searches for boats, BBQs, jandals and outdoor furniture as New Zealanders get ready for the warmer weather. 


It's been a long cold winter so it's no wonder Kiwis are eager to get out the BBQ. Searches for BBQs jumped 19 per cent on the week prior with close to 20,000 searches on the first day of spring alone.


Hits for jandals rose 78 per cent on the week prior and outdoor furniture is in hot demand with searches spiking 35 per cent on the week before.


Searches for shorts were up 21 per cent week-on-week with 4,000 searches on Sunday alone and boats jumped 12 per cent.

Boats, BBQs and outdoor furniture were among the top 30 most popular searches in the last seven days. 

There's currently 27,000 listings for jandalsover 32,000 listings for boats and over 32,000 listings for shorts  


NZ Herald - Kiwis search Trade Me as spring hits