Survey says: Parents and partners are the hardest to buy for this Christmas

Last month, we ran a survey with over 550 Kiwis to find out a little more about our shopping habits in the lead up to Christmas. 

We found that parents and partners are the hardest to buy for, we like to get our shopping done before October 31 and we spend between $25 and $50 on each gift. 

For more interesting info on our Christmas shopping habits, check out the media release below. 

Survey says: Kids cost the most at Christmas

Kiwi shoppers get their Christmas shopping done early, spend between $25 and $50 on each gift and find their partner and parents the hardest to buy for, according to a recent Trade Me survey.

Trade Me’s Millie Silvester said 550 New Zealanders took part in the survey which sought to find out more about Kiwi shopping behaviour during the festive season.

“Kiwis are a pretty organised bunch when it comes to getting our Christmas shopping done, wrapped and under the tree. Half claim to beat the mad Christmas rush and get their shopping done in October or earlier, but 12 per cent of us leave it until the week before Christmas - with 1 per cent admitting to desperate last minute shopping on Christmas Eve,” she said.

“More than 40 per cent of Kiwis told us they find Christmas gift shopping stressful.  We all know it’s an expensive time of year too. Given 40 per cent of us plan on spending between $25 and $50 on each present that adds up quick.”

Miss Silvester said shoppers find their partner (22 per cent) and parents (21 per cent) the hardest to buy for. “Nailing the perfect gift for those closest to you is a pain point for Kiwis who stress about getting it right. Kids on the other hand seem to be the easiest to find stocking fillers for, and only 6 per cent of respondents said they were the toughest to shop for. Kids are pretty transparent with their gift requests so that’s not too surprising.” she said.

Kids can also expect to get the biggest haul at Christmas said Miss Silvester. “Thirty-seven per cent of respondents said they spend the most on their kids, conversely just 8 per cent said they spend the most on their parents.”

Vouchers are okay

While many people shy away from gift vouchers as being too easy or lacking imagination, Kiwis are pretty enthusiastic about the get-what-you-want gift solution. “If you’re not too sure about what to get friends or family this year, vouchers are your best bet according to 50 per cent of New Zealanders.”

Sixty one per cent of people buy up to half their Christmas presents online and some are already in hot demand she said. “L.O.L Surprise! Dolls are already becoming highly sought after toys on Trade Me as local and international retailers have already begun selling out. We also see outdoor furniture, BBQs and mountain bikes go mad at this time of year as Kiwis prepare to get out and about this summer.”

Other top selling items on Trade Me included trampolines and Twin Hatchimals.

The best & the worst

Miss Silvester said activities and handmade gifts from children and family members were among the best presents Kiwis have ever received.  “We were surprised that 31 per cent of respondents said handmade gifts were the best they’d ever unwrapped. We assumed these would be hit and miss. You still need to put in plenty of thought and effort - last minute macaroni art isn’t going to hit the mark.

She said other popular gifts included experiences like bungee jumps and concert tickets. “On the other hand our respondents said it’s best to steer clear of soap, weird food and books on weight loss or dieting. These are the types of unwanted gifts we expect to see pop up on Trade Me on Boxing Day and I’m sure we will see some amazing listings again this year.”



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