Penis-shaped kumara raises $245 for prostate cancer

A phallic-shaped kumara appeared onsite this week to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The seller he knew the land was fertile but this vegetable had redefined the term.


"I believe I have been gifted this botanic beast for a reason so am auctioning it off. Every dollar of this auction will go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand to help with their work."

Over 1,700 Kiwis added the listing to their watchlist and hundreds got involved in the Q&A. One member said, "That's one HOT potato," while another commented, "I know this came from the ground but I didn't expect it to be that dirty!"

88,500 views later, the listing raised $245 for the charity. 

Believe it or not, this isn't the first oddly-shaped vegetable to appear on Trade Me.

In 2016 an erotic eggplant raised eyebrows and fetched over $100 which was also donated to cancer research.


A dragon capsicum appeared onsite in 2013 which was discovered by a Matamata farmer in 2013. It sold for a hefty $100 which went to a cyclone-affected family in the Philippines. 

Dragon Capsicum

Then there was the busty orange which was likened to Beyonce. The voluptuous citrus hailed from Tauranga and was listed in 2010. It had 22,000 views and sold for $112. 

Busty Orange


Stuff - Phallic-shaped kumara raising money for prostate cancer charity 

Newshub - 'Veraciously virile' penis-shaped kumara sells on Trade Me for $245

Stuff - Phallic kumara sells for $245 on Trade Me