Pork Pie

Get the old girl back on the road


The HT Holden - it's a beautiful piece of machinery but she can be a temperamental beast.

Check out a few tips below for some simple fixes to get yours back on the road.

The distributor

Any number of issues can occur in the distributor, particularly if it's not clean, track that down first up. The distributor gets the spark going through the HT leads to the cylinders. It's under the brown cap pictured.

Pork Pie 1

Remove the distributor cap and check for arcing

Remove the dizzy cap and give the contact points a clean-up, check both the rotor and the dizzy cap for cracks. If they are cracked they will need replacing. 

Pork Pie 3

Remove the rotor and check for cracks

The rotor wears over time and can cause your engine to misfire. They're cheap as chips and easy to replace. If your rotor is cracked or pitted get a new one and make sure it looks like the below.

Pork Pie 2

Pull out your air filter, give it a tap on the ground, if it’s full of crud, you need a new one. If it’s clean it’s good to go.

Check your exhaust is free from obstructions, ie: mud from backing into that ditch last night or spuds if your mates are questionable.

Obviously you have checked that there is fuel in the tank, what you want to be looking at is your carby. Check it is filling with fuel when you pull on the accelerator cable, if it’s filling you have fuel. If it isn’t filling you have an issue with your fuel pump/lines, filters or jets.

Battery/ Power
Do you have dash lights?

When you turn the key does it wind over? If it doesn’t wind over you may have a flat our faulty battery, you can try a jump start or replace the battery.

You can also try a bump start if you have some mates around to give you a push.

Do you have dash lights?

If the dash lights are not on, it has a dead flat battery at best, try a new battery, if that doesn’t work you need to start looking for a blown fuse!

Check you have spark at the end of your coil lead, if you have no spark check your points are moving and not burnt out.