Pricey Property

It's fair to say that a lot of property in New Zealand is on the pricey side but there is pricey and then there is pricey.

Trade Me has a top bracket in our Trade Me Property search of $10 million and once in a while we see some truly unbelievable properties tip the scales.

Currently these properties include Pakatoa Island (pictured above) and a bevy of unbelievable spots on Auckland's Waiheke Island. Cowes Bay Estate is a particular favourite of the Trade Me crew (check out the photos below). 

Our classified ads are all about helping agents (and private sellers) to generate leads for their properties and high ticket properties are no different. It's all part of the strategy and according to an agent that Stuff spoke to Trade Me does help sell some of these pricey properties sell. 

If you're like us though you'll just enjoy looking at some of these amazing spots. Maybe we could crowd source some?

Cowes Bay Estate:

Waiheke 2

Waiheke 1