Prime Minister's rail pass

Robert 'Piggy' Muldoon's rail pass was listed on Trade Me this week in an auction that advertised the pass as 'for the rail enthusiast' who has everything

Though we reckon plenty of politics buffs will be interested in a small piece of NZ history too!  

Piggy is one of New Zealand's most controversial Prime Ministers of all time and one of our members, a keen collector, received the rail pass from Muldoon's widow, Thea, in 1992.

Not only do you receive the signed and embossed card there's the letter from Thea and a signed photo of our 31st Prime Minister.

Check out the NZ Herald's piece on the pass too. 

Update - The Muldoon rail pass ended up selling for $400, five times the original $80 reserve. According to Stuff Mr Muldoon would be appalled how high it went over reserve!