Queenstown Kiwis' top pick - and the most expensive

The great Kiwi summer is well and truly underway, and what kind of summer would it be without packing up the kit and heading off somewhere around this grand country of ours. 

But where exactly do Kiwis prefer to get away from it all? We ran some numbers from our Holiday Houses website and found that Queenstown is far and away the most popular destination in terms of enquiries sent to bach owners in the area. 

Here's the release we sent out this week. Where are you heading in 2017? 

Queenstown top pick for Kiwis – and the most expensive

The Kiwi love affair with Queenstown as a holiday destination remains undiminished, with Mount Maunganui and Wanaka rounding out the top three this year, according to data released by Trade Me’s holiday accommodation website Holiday Houses.

The average property on Holiday Houses sleeps seven people, has three beds, is non-smoking and a nightly rate of $315.

Trade Me spokesman Jeff Hunkin said Queenstown topped the list for the highest number of enquiries on Holiday Houses in 2016, and properties in the Otago town charged the highest average nightly rate. “Just like international visitors, Kiwis have a strong connection to the panoramic vistas, legendary hospitality and overall wonderment of Queenstown, and our stats confirm it’s a year-round mecca for holiday-makers.

“The numbers show that, on average, holiday homes in Queenstown have received more enquiries than any other New Zealand destination for four consecutive years. It’s consistently topped charts of all descriptions here in New Zealand and is an extremely popular destination for offshore visitors – despite the average rental rate being more than $600 per night.”

The average nightly rate for a holiday home in Queenstown was $624 in 2016, followed by Waiheke Island ($563 per night) and Omaha Beach ($464 per night).

In 2016, bach owners in Queenstown received 51 per cent more enquiries than those in Mt Maunganui, the second most popular destination. The Mount has held the silver podium position for four years, with Wanaka and Waiheke Island taking turns in third place. Waiheke was fourth this year, followed by Hanmer Springs.

Mr Hunkin said bach owners considering listing their property on Holiday Houses should research in their area to establish a point of difference. “You want to stand out from the crowd so point out some of the unique aspects of the property or the service you provide – maybe it’s the feng shui or the proximity to the beach or the presence of a dishwasher or some handwritten local tips.

“And obviously it’s table stakes to present your guests with a clean and tidy holiday house – you want to do everything you can to minimise the hassle for your guests. Nobody wants to be mucking about sorting cleaners or getting rid of rubbish or chasing TV instructions when they’re on holiday and paying up to $600 a night.”


Top fives

Highest average nightly rate:

  1. Queenstown - $624.38
  2. Waiheke Island - $562.63
  3. Omaha Beach - $463.54
  4. Wanaka - $430.03
  5. Arrowtown - $338.86


Highest number of enquiries (2016):

  1. Queenstown
  2. Mt Maunganui
  3. Wanaka
  4. Waiheke Island
  5. Hanmer Springs