Red's jacket

A WWII bomber jacket that belonged to one of the last living Spitfire pilots in New Zealand went up for auction earlier this month. 

The jacket was once owned by Maurice "Red" Mayston who is now 98-years-old and has dementia. The listing made a few headlines after the Red's family asked the seller to return it to Red

The seller is a collector who bought the jacket from a museum.

Red 's Jacket

Red and the seller, Shane.

The Trade Me community voiced their opinion with a bunch of comments encouraging the seller to return the jacket to Red.

While this listing didn't breach our terms and conditions, we reckon it raises some interesting ethical questions for the seller to consider. However, the listing was legal and we allowed it to run.

Red 's Jacket1

This listing certainly piqued the interest of the Trade Me community and the auction had 19,700 views and 159 questions before it sold for $8,150.

We were thrilled to find out that the winning bidder was in fact Red's son and the jacket was returned to the war veteran. What made this story even better was that some very kind Kiwis created a Givealittle page and raised $8,300 to cover the costs of returning the jacket to Red. 

If anyone sees something on Trade Me which concerns them we encourage them to hit the 'Community Watch' button at the bottom of the listing and we'll check it out.


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