Tumultuous Toucan Time

The Toucan has been a symbol of famous Irish beer, Guinness, since the 1930s. Many a pub has been adorned with the famous toucan, including former Wellington wateringhole Molly Malones.

Molly Malones closed in 2015 and this year someone decided one of the four Guinness Toucans on the side of the building need a new home and stole it. 

The building's owners put out a public appeal for the return of their Toucan, even offering an amnesty if it was returned. The thief must have taken a long hard look at themselves and decided to do the right thing.

That's when the owners, Cornerstone Partners, had a brainwave and decided to sell the formerly purloined beer for charity. Needless to say we were in a flap of excitement that the Toucan was nesting on our site - we thought members were bound to flock to something as weird and wonderful as this. 

It turns out we were right - the Toucan raised $5100 for its chosen charity, the New Zealand Stroke Foundation, had nearly 650 watchers, 17,400 views and over 110 bids. 

A great result for the charity and awesome that something great came from a bit of daylight robbery.