Roses outrage

Someone once said life is like a box of chocolates and as Kiwis there is no box of chocolates more famous than the good old Cadbury Roses. 

Recently, however, these popular chocy flavours have been 'reinvented' and some Kiwis reckon they just aren't the same. This has had New Zealanders up in arms and some even jumped onsite to vent their frustrations. 

Boxes of the old style Roses went up for auction last week and one box has had over 11,000 views and is up to $31

Another seller listed a box of the new and 'improved' treats as an unwanted Christmas gift saying they were "really disappointed with the changes that had been made." The listing had 13,300 views and sold for $21. 

New Roses

The media even picked up on the outrage. 


Newshub - Kiwis auction unwanted Cadbury Roses on Trade Me amid outrage

Stuff - Boxes of original Cadbury Roses for sale on Trade Me 

Newstalk ZB - Boxes of original Cadbury Roses have gone up for sale on Trade Me (starts 3:00)