Running with rhinos

We've played host to a bunch of cool animal experience auctions on Trade Me, which help everyday Kiwis get up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife in a bid to support their care. 

Samburu joins the club as the newest rhino calf to be born at Hamilton Zoo, and was named after the African people who live amongst his kind. 

Described as a "cheeky little fella", the public have a rare opportunity to get up close with him through a unique rhino experience. The auction will raise funds for the Hamilton Zoo Conservation Fund, which supports conservation projects both in New Zealand and overseas. 

Samburu's species, the sourthern white rhino, was decimated by hunters and thought to be excinct in the late 19th century, but a small population of fewer than 100 were found in South Africa in 1895. 

Since then, after 121 years of protection and management, they're considered "near-threatened" in the wild. 

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