The secondhand items in hot demand

It's said that one man's trash is another man's treasure and on Trade Me we know that's true for thousands of secondhand items which find themselves a new home every week. 

We had a look at what Kiwis have been searching for onsite to find out which secondhand items are in hot demand. Plus, we've got a few tips on how to get the best 'bang' for your buck.

If you've got an old desk or a set of drawers lying around the house that you don't want anymore, now is a good time to list them onsite.

In the last week we've seen 250,000 searches for desks or drawers which are both in the top 10 most searched items onsite. There's currently over 23,000 desks for sale and 23,000 drawers.


Other household items like couches, rugs, mirrors and dining chairs are among the top 100 searches on Trade Me.

In the last seven days we've seen 98,000 hits for couches, 55,000 searches for mirror, 39,000 searches for rugs and 75,000 hits for dining chairs

Cane furniture is having a bit of a comeback at the moment and there are some great Trade Me finds onsite. 

Cane Furniture

In the last seven days we've seen over 51,500 searches for cane furniture. That's up 18 per cent on the same time last year.   

Secondhand gardening equipment is always popular onsite.


Green-fingered Kiwis have been looking for gardening tools with 6,000 searches onsite in the last week, that's up 18 per cent on the week prior. 

How to get the best 'bang' for your buck. Our top three tips for selling

1. Be clear in your listing description. When it comes to household items, it's a good idea to include measurements and what condition the item is in. This will save you and potential buyers some time in the long run.

2. Take lots of photos of your item. This makes it easy for potential buyers to see the item's condition and any special features the item may have. 

3. Sometimes it's hard to put a price on an item but if you're stuck on how much to list them for, $1 reserve auctions are a great idea

Happy selling!


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