Secret Santa sorted: 10 silly Christmas gift ideas

It's that time of year when many Kiwis are stuck for what to get their work mate as a secret Santa gift. 

To help, we've come up with some silly alternative Christmas gifts. 

You're welcome, New Zealand.

1. Drake air freshener - Nothing says hold on we're going home like Drake air freshener

Drake Air Freshener

2. Stress ball poo - For the stressed work mate

Stress Ball Poo

3. Sudoku toilet paper - Perfect for anyone that spends a little too long in the bathroom 

Sudoku Toilet Paper

4. Toilet mug - One for the potty mouth 

Toilet Mug

5. Bacon balm - Oinkment for your lips

Bacon Balm

6. Croc socks - Yes, they exist

Croc Socks

7. Mermaid blanket - For your colleague who is always cold

Mermaid Blanket

8. Unicorn wine stopper - For the wine connoisseur in your office 

Unicorn Wine Stopper

9. Fishoes - Because why not


10.Belly button fluff - For the person who has it all 

Belly Button Fluff