Seen better days

It's not everyday that you see a Lamborghini go up on Trade Me with a $1 reserve.

This once magnificent Huracan got into a spot of trouble in an off-road incident apparently, so its insurer has descided to get what they can for what's left.

While Huracan means hurricane in Spanish it looks like this car met the hurricane rather than embodying it! 


While it's seen better days the battered Lambo has caused a bit of a stir on Trade Me with well over 100,000 views and loads of questions. It's fair to say that it's going to sell well above it's $1 reserve. 

We love to see an interesting and different auction like this and we're glad to see our members are into it too. 

Also, check out the NZ Herald and's takes on the busted Lambo. 


Update: The Huracan sold for $165,800 and got 208,657 views. Currently our most viewed auction of the year!