'Selling husband's hopes and dreams'

It's not everyday that you see an auction for someone's hopes and dreams but yesterday we saw just that. 

An Auckland woman listed a bulk lot of Agee jars onsite that her husband had kept for years with the hope that one day he would get into preserving. 

"I was brutally honest last week and told him that I really don't have time for this dream (and neither does he) and I want the blessed things out of my basement. Now!"


If preserving is your thing, it might just be your lucky day. There are around 60 jars up for grabs.

"Sixty jars of colourful preserved fruit my husband will never see lined up beautifully on the kitchen bench, with wifey proudly looking on at the end of the day."

"If preserving is your dream or the dream of someone you know (and you are not into bringing dreams crashing down) then get yourself a bargain with this massive load of preserving jars," she said.

The listing made media headlines, has had 16,300 views, 361 watchlists and the bidding has reached $84. The auction closes on Wednesday 5 December at 7:45pm.

We wish the seller and her husband all the best with the auction.


NZ Herald - Husband's hopes and dreams listed for sale on Trade Me