Shake Me - the new way to win

Our members have told us lately that they want to modernise the auction process - they feel that bidding is so 2016.

It got us thinking - we're not getting rid of auctions - that's how Kiwis buy and sell on Trade Me - but what could we do to ramp up the excitement?

That all led to our latest product - Shake Me. A native mobile addition to the Trade Me apps. 

If there are two or more bidders on an auction in its final two minutes they can opt to enter 'Shake Me' mode.

Simply put the best and most stylish shaker will win. The app uses motion capture technology to assess not only the frequency of the shaking but different shake styles to create a score. The highest score wins!

After months of development we're very happy with the algorithim we're using and no correspondence will be entered into. Shake Me duel decisions are final.

The final price will be the last bid on the auction plus a 10 per cent duel bonus for sellers.