Shaking up feedback: voting is open

Since Trade Me began many moons ago we’ve been proud of our feedback system. It gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to report back on their trading experience.

It’s a great way to help buyers and sellers make sure they’re trading with someone who is up to par and is an integral part of Trade Me's transparent and open marketplace.

But in today’s modern digital world you sometimes want to react and express a higher level of feeling. So we’re investigating whether some greater reactions would appeal to Trade Me members.

We’ve come up with the above list and we’d love you to vote on what you’d like to see on Trade Me if we were to change it up. Do you want ‘meh’ or ‘unamused dolphin’ to help spice up your feedback? Vote below

This list is far from definitive, so if you reckon you could do better let us know by posting it on our Facebook page or Twitter timeline and we’ll give a couple of prizes to our favourites.

Update: Obviously we were having a bit of April Fools' Day fun - thank you to everyone who took part and thanks for the cool suggestions. 

We got lots of feedback on the new options. The top 5 options are below, we're pleased our Trade Me members are obviously such positive folk with the top three all positive reactions!

  1. Member went out of their way to help
  2. Would trade again
  3. Thumbs up
  4. Avoid this member at all costs
  5. Thumbs down