She needs someone who'll love her

What do you do when you end up with a yacht as part of your divorce? Sell it for a $1 reserve of course.

Recently Fiona's marriage didn't work out. Unfortunately she and her husband got divorced and in the process Fiona ended up with the former couple's yacht, the Ruah.

While they'd had a lot of awesome adventures, yachts aren't Fiona's area of expertise so she decided to find a new loving home for the Ruah

Fiona Campbell is part of the Trade Me legend. She was an early investor back in the day and knows how to make a bit of noise with an auction.

Listing a beautiful boat for $1 is not entirely standard, even on Trade Me, so Fiona got a lot of attention over the Christmas break as our members (and media) found this yacht and were touched by her story.

There were even offers of marriage thrown Fiona's way, but tempting as they were Fiona stayed the course and sold the Ruah for $480,000, wracking up more than 163,000 views and over 100 questions along the way. 

A great effort and we wish Fiona well for her next adventures!