Shoebox Christmas: a gift for Kiwi kids in need

Every Kiwi kid should experience a bit of magic and wonder on Christmas Day, and that's the driving idea behind Shoebox Christmas: fill a shoebox with gifts and it lands under the tree of a young boy or girl in need. 

Wellington Shoebox Christmas delivers Christmas presents donated by generous folks to kids that could do with an extra smile on Christmas Day. The presents go to low decile schools, women's refuge centres, and local pre-schools. 

Pera Barrett of Shoebox Christmas was keen to use our HQ as home base for present drop-offs. We gleefully put our hands up and our staff mucked in to help pick, pack and wrap the gifts to make up the shortfall of presents, ensuring that every kid on the list got a box of goodies to unwrap on Christmas day. 

We'd like to give a huge shout-out to Pera and the team at Shoebox Christmas for organising such a wonderful initiative. It takes little effort from the present-givers, but means the world for families out there who may not be able to share in the joy of Christmas day. In the words of Pera himself: "We're not trying to change the world, we're just reaching out to the kids who will." 

Visit Shoebox Christmas and sign up for next year's drive