Silver Starship

Our good friends at Starship are celebrating their 25th birthday today. And what better way to celebrate your silver anniversary than with a year of celebration?! We love Starship and the important and amazing work they do for kids and their families at a very trying time in their lives.

The Starship Foundation is urging all New Zealanders who have been touched by Starship to celebrate the milestone. They’ve set up an awesome site - – with all the information you need including stories, competitions, social media shenanigans and events.

Visit the site to find out how you can get involved and help make the year even more meaningful and magical. The site will feature an online storyboard called the Wonderwall, showcasing Starship stories from the past 25 years.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Starship on a bunch of fundraising campaigns over the past seven years. We’ve worked with them on the Starship Spring Clean which has variously involved a bevy of high profile fundraising auctions and the ability for Trade Me members to sell items onsite and donate sale proceeds to Starship. Over the years more than $1.5m worth of goods has been sold as part of the Spring Clean.

Also, in 2014 and 2015, we loved working with the Starship Foundation crew on the hugely successful Big Egg Hunt with heaps of the eggs listed for sale on Trade Me and helping contribute to a $439,000 raised for the Starship Foundation.

We can’t wait to help them out more with their 25th Anniversary and many more cool things to come.

Starship Stories


Issy A Picture With Her Picture

My name is Issy and I am 8 years old.

I had a liver transplant when I was a baby.

Now I go to school and I am in year 3 at Birkenhead Primary School.

My teacher is Mrs Teague – she is a bit crazy, and funny and I think she is the best teacher in the world. I do jazz dancing every Tuesday and I do swimming on Saturday.

When I go to Starship now it is for a blood test, or sometimes emergency when I’m not feeling good. Sometimes we go for clinic and see Dr Simon and Karyn the nurse and I get a check-up.

Starship is a great place because they fix children who are sick, or need a transplant and all that stuff!

New Zealanders (ones who know you) love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARSHIP!


Mikayla Kuo - Birthday Gift Campaign Hero Shot

The Starship Foundation is inviting people to give up their birthday gifts for Starship - and instead asking friends and family to donate to the Starship Foundation in lieu of gifts. All the info about this is on Mikayla’s family have already done this. Here’s their story:

Mikayla Kuo – Friends and family donate birthday gift money to Starship to celebrate and say thanks

Humbled and grateful for the care provided by Starship to their baby daughter Mikayla, parents Zhi and Violet Kuo decided to give back to the hospital in a very special way.

When it came time to celebrate Mikayla’s first birthday they asked friends and family not to buy presents but instead to donate the money they might have spent on a gift to the Starship Foundation. Zhi and Violet saw it as a way of celebrating the birthday milestone of their healthy, thriving daughter.

“We knew we would celebrate Mikayla's first birthday with close family and friends as it approached,” Zhi and Violet said. “By that time little Mikayla had visited Starship on a number of occasions, and in every single instance we received tremendous support and exceptional care from everyone we interacted with at the hospital.”

“To show our appreciation and to assist Starship care for the children of New Zealand, we decided to set up a fundraising page and we asked that anyone who wished give Mikayla a birthday present make a donation to Starship Foundation instead.”

Their idea was so well received amongst their friends and family that when Mikayla’s 2nd birthday came around Zhi and Violet did the same thing again, and took it up a step by inviting Mikayla’s young buddy Logan to join their Starship fundraising efforts.

“Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the party, and left knowing they made a difference.”