Six tips to keeping safe on the roads this winter

Owning and driving a car in winter can be challenging when it's chilly, so we've put together some tips to keep safe, sound, and condensation free. 

1) Tread carefully

The more tread you have on your tyres the better grip and the safer you are on the road. The best way to check your tread depth is to take a 20 cent piece and place it in the groove of your car tyre. Your tread should cover the '20' on the coin, if you can see any part of the number then your tyres need replacing. Worn down tyres can affect the ability to stop in slippery conditions. 

2) Patience, grasshopper. 

We know that an empty milk jug of hot water will get your icy windscreen clear faster, but the basic laws of science mean that a rapid change in temperature can crack the glass. While it might take a little longer, room temp water should do the trick. 

3) Lights and liquids 

Check your brake fluid, windscreen fluid, brake lights and head lights to make sure they are all in order before hitting the road this winter. 

4) Slow and steady

Extend the normal following distance from three second to five or six when driving on slippery roads. The extra time will providing additional braking room should you suddenly need to stop. 

5) Stick to the main roads. 

Roads with more drivers are much more likely to to be cleared or gritted, so they're safer.

6) Resist the mist  

Demisting your windscreen is essential before you begin driving as it can hinder your vision. Some later model cars will have a demisting function built in. But if you don't, start off your air conditioning on cold and direct it at the windscreen. Then slowly increase the temperature. If you don't have air-conditioning, roll down the windows until the mist clears. Another option is to try the wee tip below...