Live long and prosper

The people at Silverdale Adventure park had a 'surplus to requirements' Spaceship on their hands recently and decided to try their luck on Trade Me with a $1 reserve.

They'd tried an earlier auction with a hefty $350,000 reserve but didn't get any serious bites so they decided to let the market decide.

Described as "capable of acceleration from 500mm to 1000mm per second in two directions" it was bound to get people Trade Me members pretty excited.

There was some serious interest with well over 1500 watchers, more than 250 bids and nearly 40,000 views.

The spaceship found a new home to live long and prosper in with the buyer getting a bargain spaceship for just over $22,000. 

There's no word on what they're going to use it for but it would make a great small house, restaurant, playhouse or office.

We'll keep you posted.