The Spoat

What do you get when you combine a sound system, spa and retired boat? A Spoat of course!

Matt Keen created the spoat as part of a Speights beer promotion and despite many good times in the Spoat it was time to find a new home for his creation.

The keen fundraiser was going to donate some of the Spoat's earnings to the Missing Wingman Trust.

Matt describes the Spoat best in his listing:

"I permanently mounted the boat onto a trailer (road legal), where I re-worked the trailer, hand built a spa in the back,revamped the entire boat, chucked in a butt-kicking sound system, designed and built a cooler in the transom and built a wicked light show system. 
All this was achieved in 5 years, 2 girlfriends and 2 hospital visits."

He even offered to deliver the Spoat for a fee - some petrol money and KFC. Great offer.