Springing into action lives here

What were you up to when you were 11?

Chances are you weren’t the CEO of a social enterprise making national headlines.

Kerikeri’s Issy Welling is a bit of a legend. She and her dad Todd run Seedbox (he’s the Trade Me account holder in case you’re wondering!), but Todd’s under no illusion as to who’s boss.

“Issy’s the CEO and she makes all of the decisions.”

Seedbox sells organic seeds and grow-kits, with plans to expand into other gardening-relating products in the future. Passionate about healthy eating and ethical business, Issy donates a portion of the business profits to Eat My Lunch.

The majority of Seedbox’s sales are made through Trade Me, with the broad reach enabling Issy to quickly scale her business after starting things off with a market stall in the July school holidays.

The social enterprise began as a school project, but Issy – who is planning to pay off the $2,000 loan her dad gave her to kick start the business by Christmas - has big ambitions.

“I’m hoping Seedbox will become the biggest, best, most ethical seed store in New Zealand.”

Go Issy!