Star Wars is so cool right now

We can’t wait for the release of Episode VII and it looks like our members are the same. Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise is always really popular on Trade Me, with thousands of searches each week, but we’ve recently seen a big spike thanks to the hype and anticipation for the latest instalment.

Searches for all things Star Wars are up 122% on last year and we expect a lot of Kiwis will unwrap a Star Wars gift on Christmas morning.

There are currently nearly 10,000 items onsite that relate to Star Wars. The range of Star Wars merchandise is staggering and we’re seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful gear being sold.

More than 25 Trade Me categories have Star Wars stuff for sale including Books, Home & Living, Gaming, Sports and Baby Gear
The most popular Star Wars merchandise is Star Wars Lego. We’ve seen some sets sell for well over $1000 recently.

We recently talked to Stuff about all things Star Wars, check it out or grab yourself something now.