Star Wars Lego fans rejoice

Love Star Wars? Love Lego? If so your two loves have aligned this Christmas with a rare treat up for auction this week. A giant AT-AT walker based off the plans designed and supplied by Cavegod could be yours. 

For those less familiar with Star Wars machinery, the AT-AT is the all terrain armored transport walker that entered popular culture when The Empire Strikes Back hit screens in 1980. The original models were built in a range of sizes, with the largest standing roughly 50cm tall before being filmed using stop-motion animation. 

AT-AT Lego 1

AT-AT models like the one up for auction here stand around 70cm tall and are made up of more than 6000 pieces, which explains why the starting price has been set at $3000. The seller of this particular auction promises no short cuts have been taken during the build and if you want to pull the beast apart and make it again then the digital instructions are included in the sale.