Statutory write offs

We recently made a decision to restrict a dodgy process that we think is not cool for consumers.

We're talking about statutory write offs - these are vehicles that have been written off for insurance purposes in Australia. Some of these vehicles are sent to NZ, and sold off without disclosing the history of the vehicle.

We reckon that's putting some consumers at risk and not only that they're paying too much for these vehicles. So unless the history of the vehicle has been disclosed these vehicles can't be sold on Trade Me anymore.

We're also working with the Government and various agencies to get a better system in place to flag these vehicles and ensure that the write off history is associated with the vehicles CIN number. Currently there isn't a definitive register of how many of these vehicles there are in the country. 

We talked to the people at Fair Go about this recently and you can also find out a lot more about this in our Trust & Safety blog.