Stellar spring services

It’s time to trade in those sweat pants, finish your Netflix binge and prepare for warmer weather because spring is finally here.

Along with all the weird and wonderful things on Trade Me, we also have a range of service providers who specialise in everything from catering and party planning to financial and legal advice. Over 7,000 Kiwis from across the country list their services with us and can help make your life that little bit easier.

From getting stuck into the garden, to finishing that pesky building project, our awesome members are ready to help you say goodbye to winter and hello to warmer weather.  

DIY projects

We Kiwis pride ourselves on being practical and inventive people who aren’t afraid of getting our hands dirty but sometimes we don’t always have the know how or time to get all those DIY projects underway.  With spring on our doorstep, it’s time to get stuck into those outdoor projects you’ve been putting off and, if you need a little help, we know just the people.  

One of our Hamilton members, Pete, is a handyman extraordinaire who has been a carpenter for over 25 years and can do any job, big or small. From putting together kitsets to building a retaining wall, Pete is quite the tradesman.

If you’re down in Nelson, perhaps Bruce can help. With outstanding reviews, Bruce does home repairs, can build a beautiful deck for those upcoming summer BBQs or pretty much any type of building work.  



Gardening in winter is not always ideal but with the warmer weather coming it’s the perfect time to get the grounds looking great. For those of us who don’t have green fingers, we have found a few clever Kiwis to help get your back yard ready for BBQs and B.Y.C (Back Yard Cricket).  

One of our Wellington members, Ian Hamilton from Nature’s Choice has been a green fingered guru for over 17 years and loves to turn jungles into gardens. The family business has helped over 70 Trade Me members prune, chop, tidy and weed their garden into tip top shape.

The friendly crew at Mr Mow It All in Auckland specialise in manicuring your lawn to perfection. With the motto, ‘let it grow, let us mow,’ there is no lawn they cannot conquer.

Winter weight

With summer just around the corner, it won’t be long before the speedos and togs come out of hiding. Luckily, we know some people who can get you beach body ready.

Dr Waz is a full-time doctor in Auckland but practices as a health coach in his spare time. Armed with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Medicine he can create a personalised eating plan to help you get shredded for summer.

Or, if you want to try something a little different, the team from Alpha Hypnosis can help you shed that winter weight with their Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Programme. Sue, who is a trained hypnotherapist in Auckland, has been practicing weight loss hypnosis for 3 years and can help you reprogramme your mind so that you feel really motivated to eat less and exercise more.   

Sue wood.jpg

Spring is not the only time our talented service providers can help. Check out thousands of other service providers here.

Whether it’s a shed that needs building, some plants that need pruning or some weight that needs shifting, we’ve got a few tips to help find the best service provider:

  • Use the search tool on the left hand side of the screen to search for services by location

  • Check out the member’s reviews at the bottom of the listing

  • Have a look through the photos of their past work

  • Use the ‘email the service provider’ field to ask the member any questions you might have