Still prefer to flip through a real book? You’re not alone

Folks will forever talk about the decline and rise of old technology – take vinyl records, for instance – but it seems flipping through the paper leaves of a real book and listening to compact discs (CDs) is on the cards for more Kiwis this Christmas.

The number of books sold on Trade Me was up 7 per cent on the six weeks to Christmas last year, while there was a lift of 5 per cent in the number of books listed for sale.

Friendly and colourful characters would feature during story time according to the data, with books in the Children & babies category seeing the highest increase in the number of sales, up 20 per cent. The number of listings in that category were also up 13 per cent.

But it wasn’t all about the wee tikes: books in the Young adult fiction and Comics categories also showed a lift in sales, both up 11 per cent. Comics also saw a lift in the number of listings for sale, up 25 per cent.

Turning to entertainment of the audible kind, music lovers recently changed their purchasing habits thanks to the undeniably strong shift to online streaming. It seems though that CDs aren’t yet down and out for the count, as we saw a 3% lift in the number of CDs sold on Trade Me when looking at the six weeks to Christmas, compared to the same period last year.

The number of CDs listed for sale was up a whopping 37%, so it’s a great place to be if you’re a collector on the hunt for hard-to-find gems.

On genre, music for meditation – or for massage waiting rooms - looks to be popular at the moment with the biggest spike in activity for Ambient & new age CDs. The number of sales were up 26% on the same period last year, while the number of listings exploded, up 404%.

The smooth sounds of R&B / Soul CDs also saw a surge, with a 55% lift in the number of sales and a suave 39% lift in the number of listings for sale.

The biggest slump in sales however was for Jazz CDs, bee-bopping their way down 55%, while the number of listings for sale rose, up 34%.

Time will tell whether we’ll see a resurgence in the likes of Cassette tapes or Minidisc gear over the coming years. In the meantime, track down a thrilling read for the beach over summer, or dust off your Discman for old time’s sake and chill out to some R&B. Or New Age, we won’t judge!

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