Summer freedom: the story of DOOM

It's almost a rite of passage to own a clanger of a car at some point in your life, only to have it nestle into its own little place in your heart.

That's the story of a car named DOOM: a little run-around that, while rough around the edges, was perfect in its own special way. 

Andrew sent us his story and we turned it into a video. If you're up for a good yarn we've pasted his story verbatim below (including pictures!). 


So – be me, summer of 2015/2016 fast approaching – having spent the entire year in Auckland city working at Trade Me without a car, I finally came around to the idea of buying a little run around, that would at very least last me until the end of summer. This way my girlfriend and I would be able to break away from the city – and see some of the country side in the comfort of our own car.

So I jump on Trade Me and take a look – although within our very tight budget there doesn’t seem to be anything suitable. Weeks went by and I finally received a Trade Me notification saying a car had been listed within my budget nearby. I excitedly jumped on Trade Me to look and immediately fell in love. He was truly beautiful, undoubtedly a little rough around the edges – but overall he was near perfection. I quickly shared the car with my girlfriend and told her of my intentions and arranged to go out and see it that evening – knowing how ecstatic she would be that I finally had bought us our summer freedom.

When we arrived to pick the car up, the seller had some bad news – although he really wanted to sell the car to us, he had just received a text message from some other buyers wanting to pick it up on the weekend. They had offered a lot more that our offer. The guy seemed genuinely gutted to disappoint us however we understood. My friend and I reconvened and decide to match the other parties offer, if we could drive it away today. He was over the moon, he knew the car was going to be with someone who would carry on the love and devotion he had for the car and hadn’t lost out financially.

I got a few funny looks on my drive home, and never quite managed to find fifth gear – I was overjoyed.

Doom _01

My girlfriend was distraught – I was confused. You’d think I had brought home our first born by how proud I was. “I’ll never be caught dead in that thing” she screamed as the door slammed in my face. Even my plans to improve the car were met with resistance. Alas I was persistent – I knew she would eventually see the potential in him. I set to work, making small improvements here and there – and before long she reluctantly set off on our summer journey with DOOM – groaning and grovelling as she accepted her summer fate would be shoulder to shoulder with the heater blasting to avoid the car over-heating. I think she reconsidered our relationship by the time we had returned. 

However 3 months and over 5,000 k’s later – Doom was still going strong and she eventually did fall in love with him and his reliability, passing his WOF without a hitch.

Doom _02

7 months and over 10,000k’s later – Still going strong and my girlfriend admits, that she in fact was the other interested buyer – hoping to put me off by increasing the price. It didn’t work, and ultimately we ended up paying a higher price.

Doom _03

Oh well. Looks can be deceiving.